Adventure Sessions



No matter where I am with a couple, whether it's in Zion, Grand Teton, Death Valley, or Arcadia, my focus is you, your partner, and the insanely beautiful place we're in! 
Each couple has their own story that's been built through time, abundant happiness and trying experiences. I don't want to take from your story, at all! Not even in the slightest! That's why my style is timeless & documentary based. 
I'm not going to interfere with your day, those special moments, or ask you do something awkward. I'm here to let your story happen!
These photos will encapsulate & represent you, your partner & your story to the fullest! Not gonna lie, the photos are going to beautiful! But that won't be the only reason you'll them. You will cherish these photos because they'll make you feel all the feels, all over again, just like how you felt them in those special moments. 
I'm going to be by your side the whole through your entire adventure, but I'm going to hang back a bit and be a ninja photographer. I'll be snapping away the entire time, while your story continues to unfold.
I want you and your partner to be yourselves and live your life without the forced smiles & giggles. 
I'm here to document you - without telling you how to love.

my Style