For as long as I can remember I have been running around with a camera & taking photos of anything and everything (my family can attest to this)!

I am beyond grateful to work with amazing couples on their journey into marriage in beautiful places, like our amazing National Parks!

I'm Rach

photographer - National park adventurer - chocolate eater


I'm committed, to documenting yours's & your partner's story, the connections you hold, the emotions you'll have, the experience you'll have, the place you're at and the beauty of each moment.

my mission

When I was dating and falling in love with my husband, Nick, I fell more in love with elopement & wedding photography. I finally understood the connection, love, & trust a couple has!

There is no one else in this whole world that can make me laugh the way Nick does. We have an endless amount of inside jokes, he's my number one adventure-buddy, and what we have, I could never have with someone else.

In one way or another, every couple has that! And that's the thing - what the two of you have, is unique to YOU! The way your personalities interact, the snuggles you share, and the ways you make each other laugh, or whatever it may be. Since every couple is unique, your photos should be too!

My goal isn't to capture the two of you standing still in a pose, that everyone else does. while I snap a photo and we move on. My goal is to capture you and your partner being yourselves, as your personalities interact and you create more memories together. These photos will bring you back to every touch, kiss & emotion 50 years from now.

Why I do what I do

"There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this" 

Every year I plan dozens of trips for me & my husband to visit someplace new. I'm talking planning down to the very last detail, with several backup plans (all on organized spreadsheets, available for off-line use, of course). With my planning expertise, I will help you plan the perfect-for-you elopement day! Whether its someplace I've already been or somewhere new!

When the weather allows, I am constantly outside enjoying my favorite hobbies from hiking & backpacking, paddle boarding, climbing or rafting. And I know how much you love some of these very same hobbies! We are able to plan them into your elopement because you should be doing the things you love with the one you love!

I've lived in the mid-west, PNW, desert & high-alpine southwest. Let me tell ya, none of them are like one another! The weather & climates are all so different, and need to be approached as such. I'm here to help you navigate & prepare for all the weather & climates there are! 

Spending so much time in National Parks, both as a normal-visitor & as an elopement photographer, I know the permit & planning process can be daunting! You could say I've done this more than a few times. So I am here to help you in every step through this process, from the time we first meet to after your elopement day. 

​I'm a firm believer that chocolate is always the answer, sandals can be worn anywhere, that no one is "too awkward" in front of the camera and that no question is dumb or silly. If you have a question, do not hesitate in the slightest to ask me! you, 

I'm beyond excited to work with you, hike with you, and document your elopement!

meet rachel

behind the lens

Cherish life's greatest experiences & excitedly await new ones

Love spending every moment you can experiencing the world around you

Don't want any regrets in life and find a lifestyle that is fulfilling & sustainable for you!

Find joy in the little things & do everything you can to stay present in the moment

Want to take every moment you can to do what you love with the ones you love

Want candid & authentic photos that document your love & the continuous story you have to tell

You're my people
if you ...


2023 Travel Schedule












Zion National Park - Utah
canyonlands national park - utah
deadhorse point state park - utah

Arizona - Saguaro National Park
Utah - Zion National Park

Durango, Colorado
White Sands National Park - New Mexico
Moab, Utah

Utah - Zion National Park
Utah - Bryce Canyon National Park
Utah - Capitol reef National Park

Olympic national park - washington
mt rainier national park - washington
north cascades national park - washington

Great SMoky Mountains National Park - Tennesse
Shenandoah National Park - Virgina
NEW river gorge - west virgina
cuyahoga National Park - ohio

Kentucky - mammoth caves national park
Congree national park - south carolina

Canyonlands National park - utah
arches national park - utah
zion national park - utah
bryce canyon national park - utah

utah - zion national park
utah - bonneville salt flats

white sands national park - new mexico

utah - zion national park

SOuthern Utah - Zion National Park
Virgina - Shenandoah National Park
maine - acadia national park

Parts of my travel schedule may change
I'm always happy to add to my travel

Lauren & jonathan

This day was a blast! One thing I loved about this shoot is that she didn’t pose us at all. Rachel’s style and editing is so authentic as she works to capture raw emotion verses having perfectly posed photos. This resulted in pictures that captured Jonathan and I’s relationship wonderfully. Rachel’s ability to capture that in a still photo is some serious talent. 


don't just take my word for it

Zion was one of the first National Parks I ever visited when I was tiny toddler, many years ago. It's also where I realized I love my husband during one of our first trips together.


favorite National park


I grew up road tripping across the country. I love all the additional places you get to see & experience when you drive! There's so much freedom!

Car - Roadtrip

favorite mode of transportation


There are endless options of what to put in your tortilla! Years before I married Nick, I knew there would be tacos at my wedding. No matter where I travel, I always find a good taco!


favorite food


Even in the rain, hiking through water or single digit temperatures, it's just SO cool! Nearly all my best experiences have been hiking.


favorite pasttime


I can't say no to

No matter what it is, I love to try new things, experience new places, cultures, foods, or almost anything you could throw my way!

New Experiences


My Favorite Things




North America
south america


Bucket List Destinations

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