After it's all said & done, the only thing you have to look back on are the photos.


Elopement & Adventure

Imagine this, you've chosen to go the "non-traditional" route as far as weddings go. You make it the most amazing day of your life! It's filled with some of the things and people you love the most. You got married! And you walked away from this day with no regrets. Best. Day. Ever.
First off, I'm so happy for you!!!!
Now, let's talk photos.
Have you ever looked at a photo and it made you relive a moment all over again? or all the emotions you felt have just been replayed?
That's what good photos do.
Now that you've had one of the best day ever, I never want you to forget that, how it felt, what it meant to you, where you were, and who you shared it with.
Years from now, you'll be able to look at those photos and remember every part of your day. And you'll be able to share it with your kids, friends, or whoever you choose!

No matter what you do for your day, you'll want to remember it! 



customizable packages

All Elopements and sessions are customizable to fit your needs & wants! You get to choose! No hidden or extra fees!


unlimited consultations

I'm here for you! Call, text or email me anytime! I'm happy to help in any way I can!


printing rights

You'll have the legal rights to print & use your photos from personal use!


personalized slideshow

A collection of the best moments of your day, set to music, to help you re-live every moment & emotion!


Online Gallery

You will have easy access to your photos, no matter where you are! From the easy to access gallery, you can download the high-resolution images for personal use.


unlimited images

Your story doesn't have a maximum, neither should your photos! Instead I will guarantee a minimum number of photos you'll receive!


What's Included?

Personalized Vendor Reccomendations

Over the years, I've been able to work with MANY vendors. I am able to connect you with the right vendor for YOU!


Location recommendations

If you aren't sure where you want to adventure to, I'm here to help!
If needed, I will personally go driving & hiking just for you! I want to make sure we find the perfect spot for you!


planning assistance

Planning is one of strong-suits. I'm here to assist and ensure your day is as stress-free & enjoyable as possible!


+ More!

Northern Utah Staring at - $550
Southern Utah Starting at - $1150
Out-of-State Starting at - $2100
International Starting at - $6000

adventure sessions

Northern Utah Staring at - $1700
Southern Utah Starting at - $2350
Out-of-State Starting at - $4200
International Starting at - $7200


Each package is customizable to fit your needs.
With each service, I have listed the starting price to give you an idea of your potential investment

My couples average $3200 on Elopement Photography

My couples average $1550 on Adventure Session Photography

starting with 4 hours

starting with 2 hours


Colored Film Starting at - $65/roll
Black & White Film Starting at - $60/roll

Film Photo add - Ons

since you get to build your own package, film photos are available to add on to any any elopement or adventure session
all film photos will be scanned & delivered digitally

Abby & Dylon

I can’t say enough about our big day, our photos, and our photographer. Rachel put us at ease immediately, and made it feel more like you where taking a walk with friends rather than taking photos. Meanwhile, she was secretly capturing all best moments. Honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer more accommodating photographer. From changing the day for our photos with late notice (for nicer weather), to having a ring sizer for my new engagement ring that was a little loose on our cold fall day. Not only did she drive more than three hours into Wyoming. But she also got there early to check out the best spots to capture the greatest shots. Rachel was highly professional, funny, kind, and very easy to work with. She is also not afraid to go on a long hike to find that perfect spot for the perfect shot. When we started the shoot Rachel said she wanted to capture our love story and she did not disappoint. The photo quality is impeccable and we have received nothing but compliments from family and friends. Her ability to capture such candid photos is very impressive (I mean come on she got a perfect shot of “the move”). We can’t thank her enough. 20/10 would recommend and would hang out and take photos with her again.



Elisa & Brad

Rachel was so warm and gentle, it was so easy to just feel natural and be in the moment. She was able to capture our wedding so beautifully. Every time I look at the photos I feel all the emotions again. Thank you Rachel for your amazing work and being willing to photograph our special day. I am so grateful we were able to find you!



Lauren & Jonathan

This day was a blast! One thing I loved about this shoot is that she didn’t pose us at all. Rachel’s style and editing is so authentic as she works to capture raw emotion verses having perfectly posed photos. This resulted in pictures that captured Jonathan and I’s relationship wonderfully. Almost every picture we got back is of us laughing, and if you know Jonathan than you know why we are always cracking up. Rachel’s ability to capture that in a still photo is some serious talent. 



audrey & Jared

"We had a great experience with Rachel! The overall photo shoot was so much fun. We were laughing the entire time and the pictures turned out amazing. Also she was very prepared. She had a place to hang my extra shirts and a thermos of hot chocolate ready when we were done (it was freezing that day!) . I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for fantastic affordable photography."




"I love Rachel!! She is so professional and so fun! She is so willing to accommodate to whatever you’re wanting for your photos. She has taken pictures for me many times and never ceases to amaze me!"



Alanna & Ducenge

Rachel did an amazing job at capturing our sweet candid moments of our special day! She also was so helpful with my flowers and thinking creatively to use the lighting we had! She is a very friendly photographer to work with!



Robin & Travis

Rachel is a great photographer who is really creative and SUPER fun!  We both had a really good time, even though my husband doesn’t love having his photo taken, haha, and we laughed a lot together during the session. She would be perfect for adventurous & fun engagements and bridals!



Cherish life's greatest experiences & excitedly await new ones

Are down to earth & sentiment the time you have with loved ones

Don't want any regrets in life and find a lifestyle that is fulfilling & sustainable for you!

Find joy in the little things & do everything you can to stay present in the moment

Want to take every moment you can to do what you love with the ones you love

Want candid & authentic photos that document your love & the continuous story you have to tell

You're my people
if you ...

have some questions?

that's totally normal! If I can't answer them here, reach out and i'm more than happy to answer them.

When will I get my photos back?

For Elopements and any session over 4 hours, you will receive the photos back, no later than 6 weeks after. For sessions under 4 hours, you'll receive the photos back no later than 3 weeks after! 
I try my hardest to get your photos to back to you as soon as possible! I will do my best to get them back to you before the 6-week or 3-week time!

Do you require a Retainer?

I do! I require a $300 retainer for Elopements and $100 retainer for all other sessions. Once the retainer is paid and you have signed a contract, your date is secured!

Can we set-up a payment plan?

Of course! When we talk about the services you want and go through the on-boarding process, we can also discuss payment plans. We can separate the payments into smaller increments leading up to your day!

How do we obtain a permit for a National Park Elopement?

Each National Park requires a permit if you are getting married within the park. I've worked with many different National Parks, and each one is slightly different, primarily depending on the popularity of the National Park. Some parks have restrictions as to where in the park you can have it. But the personnel at each National Park are more than happy to help! We can give them a call or send them an email, to find the exact answer for your elopement!
Photography permits are slightly different. Different parks have different regulations and requirements to obtain a permit. It primarily depends on the extent of the photography. I have worked with many parks about photography permits, and the rangers at each park are extremely helpful! 

How will you pose us?

I believe in authentic & candid memories! These photos are about capturing the love and emotion between you and your partner. Instead of posing that is super awkward and unnatural, I will create an environment where you and your partner can be yourselves with each other. I'm not here to tell you how to express your love. I take a documentary approach to photography to authentically tell your story.

Chuck full of information to help you plan the best elopement ever, based on my favorite places

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