I've been to more National Parks than I can count and hiked more miles than I could have ever thought possible. Currently I call Utah home, but I'm frequently exploring National Parks nationwide, from Zion to Mt. Rainier, Saguaro, Death Valley, and beyond! With all my experience in travel & adventure, I have a huge stack of locations, tips & tricks, and knowledge that I'm beyond ready to share with you to help you create the elopement of your dreams!

No matter the kind of love you have, I'm going to document every bit of it! I'm not here to tell you how to love, or ask you to force emotions. I'm here to capture your story as it happens. With a timeless & documentary style, these photos won't only bring you back to the moment, they'll bring you back to the emotions you felt and the touches you embraced!

Point is - I'm here for it ALL! 

All the love,
all the adventure,
all of you!

National Park Elopement Photographer

Nestled in the Utah Mountains

Leave No Trace is a simple way to treat the great outdoors with kindness & respect.

By following Leave No trace, you can fully enjoy your elopement, and allow others to expereince the great outdoors with as minimal distractions as possible.

After all is said n' done, The only thing we'll be leaving behind is footprints, and we'll only be taking home memories & photos.

8 year-old me would not believe where I am in my life right now!

Ever since I was a kid, I would run around with a camera and take pictures of anything and everything. Just ask my Mom! I was captivated by how a moment could be stopped in time and looked back on ... for years! Like what?!?

In your relationship & on your wedding day, all the moments that make up that time deserved to be stopped & look back on too.

Since I have met and been married to my husband, my perspective has changed. I now KNOW exactly how big of a deal the little things are. Love never has been and never will be "cookie cutter".

You and your partner are truly one-of-a-kind. The way your personalities interact, the looks you exchange, and the way you share moments is different for every couple. These photos aren’t going to look like everyone else's, because they are truly made up of you.

These photos are made of you & your partner, your emotions, your moments.

behind the lens

meet Rachel



Rachel was absolutely the best elopement photographer to work with!! She is so easy to communicate with and always available to help with planning. I can’t recommend her enough! She is more than just your photographer for the day, she is an elopement extraordinaire who does everything to make sure your day is all you dreamed of.

don't just take my word for it

There's nothing I want more than for you to love how your photos make you feel.

Relationships are built on strong, intimate & personal emotions. And your wedding day will be full of them. These are once-in-a-lifetime emotions, that you never want to forget.

I take myself out of the equation, to ensure I am capturing you, your partner, and the emotional connection you are experiencing. Posing trends come & go, but emotions are real & everlasting.

There is nothing more important than harvesting the feelings you experienced to look back on
- and feel them all over again.

You can go about these moments naturally! My style is true documentary. I'm not going to interfere with your moments. Through these photos, I'm representing your day & story as it happened.

I focus on the connection you are having with each other, yourself, nature, and what you're surround by.

Emotions are natural, beautiful, and need to be remembered often.

Tell your story

These photos will


don't just take my word for it

elisa & brad

Rachel was so warm and gentle, it was so easy to just feel natural and be in the moment. She was able to capture our wedding so beautifully.
Every time I look at the photos I feel all the emotions again.

Every year, I only take on 18 elopements.

When you work with me, you get the devotion you deserve.

I want to serve every single couple I work with to the fullest extent possible! I don't believe in running on "auto pilot" so I can crank out as many elopements as possible. I believe in connection & passion.

A very long time ago, I put too much on my plate at once, and that was a place I never wanted to be again. 

I know that you deserve a photographer to give their all to your wedding.

I will truly be there with you all the way through, to help with planning, to focus on your story, to ensure you are as happy with your elopement as you can be, and to guarantee you'll remember how it looked and felt

Because I truly give you my all, I can only take on 18 elopements a year to ensure you get the quality and attention you deserve. 

1 in 18?

will you be

Chuck full of information to help you plan the best elopement ever, based on my favorite places

Elopement Guides

Alanna & Ducenge

Rachel did an amazing job at capturing our sweet candid moments of our special day! She also was so helpful with my flowers and thinking creatively to use the lighting we had!


don't just take my word for it

Connection & passion will drive life's greatest adventures.
Bring em' together as you start your marriage!

Make this Your Greatest Adventure yet