A photographers guide, filled with knowledge based on experience, to help you elope in Bryce Canyon!

BRyce Canyon National Park Elopement Guide

Elopement Guide

Bryce Canyon National Park is an phenomenal place to elope with a landscape that is out of this world! There is endless variety of adventures to make your elopement 100% personalized to you!

In this guide we'll chat about some things to know about eloping in Bryce Canyon National Park, locations, amazing vendors, things to do while you're here, unique places to stay, best places to eat, and more! I want to ensure you'll have all the information you'll need to elope in Bryce Canyon. 

Throughout this guide I've provided you with tons of helpful links. Any text that is underlined, will lead you to other recommended sources and businesses. 

If you are looking to elope in the Bryce Canyon, I'd love to document your day for you!

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No matter if you have heart set on eloping in Bryce, or you're currently exploring your options, I'm more than happy to help! I am with you through every step, from planning & prep, the day-of, delivering those moments back to you and beyond to ensure everything goes smoothly. I want you to have the best no-regrets adventure elopement ever!

My style is documentary based to bring you timeless photos that not only capture how your day looked, but what it felt like! As you look back at these photos you'll relive those emotions all over again, as if you were in the moment all over again.
I'm going to let you and your partner flow naturally throughout your elopement, without any stiff or awkward posing. These photos are capturing you, your partner & your story, I'm here to let your love happen.

This day is all about you and your partner! If that means a hike through the canyon, exploring the hoodoos, or enjoying the view, I'm here for it all! Let's make this day whatever you want it to be!

I'm in love with Bryce Canyon National Park for SO many reasons, but all-in-all Bryce Canyon truly feels out of this world! I used to live just over an hour outside of Bryce Canyon, and constantly found myself making that drive to visit this one-of-a-kind landscape.

We'll get into the fun-stuff, like locations and things to-do, in a minute, but first things first.

Marriage License
In Utah, you can obtain your marriage license based on the county you'll be getting married in. Its super simple, you can go in-person to the county offices a day or two before to get your marriage license. After you obtain it, it's only good for 30 days. Bryce Canyon is located in Garfield County, Utah. 

To obtain a marriage license in Garfield County, you'll fill out the application and appear in person with your IDs, and they'll issue your marriage license for $40. There's no waiting period and you can use it immediately!

Officiants & Witnesses
For any wedding in Utah, you will need someone ordained to solemnize a marriage + 2 witnesses, over the age of 18. If needed, I'm happy to be a witness for you! Don't forget a black pen for them to sign your marriage license.

To get married within Bryce, you will need an additional permit. Bryce Canyon has two designated ceremony spots at the Sunset Point Overlook where you can get married, overlooking the amphitheater or Silent City. You can file an application through the National Park Service by emailing them. The permit is $100 and can be paid for online. Bryce Canyon's website is super helpful and clearly outlines everything for elopements!

What to know - the techinal stuff - About Eloping in Bryce Canyon

Best time of year to elope & WEather info for Bryce Canyon

The seasons in southern Utah are phenomenal! Each season brings something new and exciting! 
Personally my favorite time of the year is the spring and summer in Bryce, but I've listed all the things you need to know about each season and it's weather to help you plan for the best elopement ever. 

Note: Bryce Canyon National Park is 9,100 ft above sea level. If you are not used to such high elevations there are steps you can take before hand to help prevent altitude sickness. 

Average Temperatures: High: mid 30°s Low: low 10°s
In the winter Bryce Canyon almost always has snow (and its absolutely beautiful!), but for any of the hiking trails you will need snow spikes to put on your shoes. Without spikes it'll be far too slippery & dangerous. Part of the main road that runs through Bryce Canyon is closed in the winter, which limits access, but visitation is very low in the winter.

Average Temperatures: High: mid 50°s Low: mid 20°s
Any snow is melting fast, mostly sunny with some rain (watch out for flash floods). The area is full of blooming dessert life! The spring time is definitely the most colorful time in Bryce, especially in the later spring, around May. 

Average Temperatures: High: low 80°s Low: mid 40°s
Unlike the rest of Southern Utah, Bryce is one of the coolest spots all summer long. And nearly everyday is full of bright sunshine! 

Near the end of summer is wildfire season. On occasion, there will be fires in Utah, but most of the time they are put out pretty fast. However, the smoke from the California & Nevada wildfires blows right towards Utah. This can cause issues if you have allergies, plus it is best to avoid breathing the smoke if possible. There are some spots in the mountains to escape to that avoid the smoke.

No matter where you are in the park, make sure you are drinking tons of water to help compensate for the high temperatures and dry weather.

Average Temperatures: High: high 60°s Low: mid-low 30°s
Just like the summer, but a little cooler. In the fall is when Bryce Canyon gets the most rain. On average it'll rain 5-7 days a month in the fall (only 2-3 days the rest of the year). Near the end of fall, it may snow in Bryce, due to its high elevation. 

Best Elopement adventure Locations in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is full of adventure & beauty! When you enter the park, you're on top of the canyon, standing among the tall pine trees. But a short walk to a view point will reveal the vast canyon, full of towering hoodoos, an expansive trail system, and red rock as far as the eye can see.

Due to the nature of National Parks, I strive to keep the area safe and protected. For this reason, while following Leave No Trace principles, I do not openly disclose the exact locations for post-ceremony adventures. With every couple I work with, I will recommend specific spots for you to choose from, based on your skill level, the kind of adventure you're looking for, and seasonal factors. Once you contact me, I'd love to chat more about specific locations! 

Above the Canyon
In the park there is one road that takes you along the top of the canyon, where there are endless viewpoints to stop at. A few of the view points have easy hikes nearby that will reveal another view point that is even more stunning than the last. 
At most of the view points you'll be surrounded by tall & lush pine trees with a stunning view of red rock beyond the canyon rim. It's amazing to watch the sunrise over the canyon, since the viewpoints face the East, and see the light fill the canyon & illuminate the hoodoos.

In the Canyon
Trekking down into the canyon is a must-do if you're able to! Most of the hikes have a pretty steep ascent/descent, but once you get down into the canyon, its a quite a bit flatter. Don't worry about the ascent out of the canyon, we can take our time to rest & enjoy the view! It is a drastically different experience from viewing the canyon from above. You'll truly be able to experience the towering hoodoos and canyon walls! 

There are so many options of things to do while in the Bryce Canyon area, I've listed a few of my favorites. If you're looking for something more specific, I'm happy to help you find something that's right for you!

Things to do in Bryce Canyon for your Adventure elopement

One of my favorite & most frequented activities! There are tons of hiking trails everywhere you go in Bryce Canyon!
At the visitors center, or at this online map, you can find lots of trails to go hike! I suggest using AllTrails to assess its difficulty level and see what other hikers have to say about it! 

One of my favorite things about the Bryce Canyon hiking trail system, is how the different hiking trails connect. You can truly create a hike as long or as short as you'd like to see exactly what you want. Hiking is perfect if you want to experience Bryce Canyon and it's hoodoos up close during your elopement.

In Bryce Canyon, there is a beautifully paved shared-use path that stops along viewpoints to give you a beautiful view of the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater. Bikes are only allowed on paved surfaces inside Bryce Canyon National Park (no mountain biking, sorry!), but outside of the park in the Red Canyon area there are more off-surface bike trails.

If you're looking for views and an experience that very few visitors to Bryce Canyon embark on, backpacking is great option! There are several backcountry trails to choose from, all with established backcountry campsites. All backpacking within Bryce Canyon does require a wilderness permit, but they aren't too tricky to obtain. Bryce Canyon National Park has lots of helpful information to help you plan your backpacking trip!

Horseback Riding
Visiting the canyon below is very popular through horseback riding. Bryce Canyon National Park allows guided horseback tours through their concessionaire, Canyon Trail Rides. They provide 2 & 3 hour guided horseback rides.

If you have your own horse or mule, you can also take a ride down into the canyon on designated trails. You can reserve a time with the park to ensure all horses and their riders are safe. Bryce Canyon has lots of amazing information if you're interested in bringing your own horse.

unique Places to Stay Near Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Lodge - Located in Bryce Canyon

Ruby's Inn- 5 minutes from Zion

Under Canvas
- 15 minutes from Bryce Canyon

Ofland Escalante - 50 minutes from Zion

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